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ALMOST WORLD-FAMOUS HAWAIIAN SHIRT NIGHT for our August 12th Stated Communication....               LYNNHAVEN LODGE NO. 220 MOURNS THE PASSING of Bro. Gary Frank Boehm to that Celestial Lodge Above on June 19, 2021...               FRATERNAL VISITS IN AUGUST include Princess Anne Lodge No. 25 (Wednesday, August 4), Victory Daylight Lodge No. 1778 (Saturday, August 7th), and Atlantic Lodge No. 2 (Monday, August 9th)…               THE AUGUST 2021 EDITION of The Burning Taper is posted under ‘Newsletter’...               ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DRIVE FOR MAHOVA is underway - Contact JW Bob Adams to make your donation...               PAST MASTERS’ FISH FRY is Saturday, September 18th – Advance Tickets on Sale NOW – Contact WM Dale or Any Past Master to Purchase Tickets…               THE AUGUST 2021 LODGE CALENDAR is posted under ‘Lodge Activities’…              

Lawn Work Party!
The Worshipful Master and Brothers of Lynnhaven Lodge No. 220 sprucing up the property on Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Our Newest Master Mason!
Congratulations to our newest Master Mason, Bro. Zachary A. Schaard, who was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason after literally a year's worth of patience and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One-Day Conferral!
Congratulations and welcome to our newest Master Masons - Bro. Wayne Carl Carruthers (front row, far left), Bro. Diego Yeshua Starks (front row, 3rd from right), and Bro. Jonathan Kyle Lewis (front row, 2nd from right) - who were Initiated, Passed and Raised during the 56th Masonic District's One-Day Conferral on Saturday, October 3, 2020 at Princess Anne Masonic Lodge No. 25! Each new Brother received certificates recognizing their accomplishment from M.W. Wayne Sawyer Flora, Past Grand Master of Masons in Virginia (2014).

Found Proficient!
Bro. Tom Mirsky (front) shows off his proficiency certificate from M.W. Douglas V. Jones for having been examined and found proficient in the front of open Lodge in the work in all three degrees. Jr. Warden Wes Latchford (back), acting Worshipful Master for the Lodge's September Stated Communication, presented Bro. Tom with his certificate.

Traveling in Foreign Countries
Wor. Dave Conner and his son, Bro. Justin Conner, visited Lindisfarne Lodge 46TC, Tasmania, Australia where Father-in-Law/Grandfather Bro. Allen C. Telfer’s (deceased) was raised and attended regularly. They observed Lodge ritual for opening, closing, business, and degree work. Afterwards, Wor. Dave made presentations to the Lodge on behalf of the Grand Master of Virginia and the Brethren of Lynnhaven Lodge, including an engraved trowel in memory of Bro. Telfer.

50-Year Masonic Veteran Award - Bro. Osborne
Bro. William Osborne received his 50-Year Masonic Veteran Award from Wor. Marlo Pilar, Wor. Bob Rathbun and Bro. Jim Witcher at the Atlantic Shores Retirement Community in Virginia Beach, VA.

50-Year Masonic Veteran Award - Bro. Thompson
Bro. Robert Leroy Thompson received his 50-Year Masonic Veteran Award from Wor. Marlo Pilar and Wor. Bob Rathbun at his home in Virginia Beach, VA.

Newest Raised Master Mason in 2020
We raised Bro. Tom to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on January 30, 2020.

2019 Mason of the Year Award
Bro. Robert B. Schratweiser received the Mason of the Year Award during the Stated Communication for the Month of January.

Traveling Gavel of 56th Masonic District
Lynnhaven Lodge No. 220 took the Traveling Gavel to our Lodge from Bayside Lodge No. 218 on January 2, one day after they took it from Princess Anne Lodge No. 25.

Virginia Beach Storm Drain Marker Program
Wor. John Brown, Bro. Wes Latchford, Bro. Jim Witcher, and Bro. Marlo Pilar (not pictured) attached markers on storm drains along N. Lynnhaven Rd. in Virginia Beach, VA as part of Lynnhaven Lodge No. 220 community service project supporting the City of Virginia Beach's storm drain marker program.

Newest Raised Master Mason in 2018
We raised a Brother (front row, third from the left next to the tall Master Mason with the hat) to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on May 31, 2018.

Child Identification Program (ChIP)
We set up a tent for the Grand Lodge of Virginia's Child Identification Program (ChIP) at the Pungo Strawberry Festival on Saturday, May 26th (Memorial Day Weekend).

MacArthur Memorial on Gen. Douglas MacArthur Day

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