Lynnhaven Lodge No. 220 AF & AM  - 2959 N Lynnhaven Road, Virginia Beach, VA. 23452-6916

WE HAVE COOL AIR!!! A WM’s shout out to Wor. Dale for his exceptional work getting our 2nd floor A/C unit back up and running like a champ at a reasonable cost...               FELLOWCRAFT DEGREE this coming Thursday, June 30th at 7:00 pm!...               ATTIRE FOR JULY’S STATED COMMUNICATION is Patriotic Attire (RED, WHITE, & BLUE) open-collared shirt and dress slacks…               THE JULY 2022 EDITION of The Burning Taper is posted under ‘Newsletter’...               PINE TREE LODGE OF MASONIC INSTRUCTION meets every Wednesday from 9:00 am-11:00 am at the Lodge…               THE JULY 2022 LODGE CALENDAR is posted under “Lodge Activities”…               NEIGHBORHOOD 4TH OF JULY PARADE – Brethren, family, and friends are invited to join us at the Lodge at 10:30 am, Monday, July 4th to be part of the Kings Grant 4th of July Parade!  See the Kings Grant Community League website for more information…               CONGRATULATIONS to our Newest Fellowcrafts – Bro. Dave Hopkins and Bro. Nick Gauker!...

2021 Wor. Dale W. Graham 
2020 Wor. Marlo B. Pilar 
2019 Wor. Brian M. Adams 
2018 Wor. John A. Brown 
2017 Wor. Robert A. Rathbun 
2016 Wor. William B. Ramsey* 
2015 Wor. Brent R. Lane 
2014 Wor. Tony R. Paramore 
2013 Wor. David R. Conner 
2012 Wor. Gerald A. Anderson 
2011 Wor. Rodolfo Q. Dela Rosa 
2010 Wor. Jimmy W. Wagner 
2009 Wor. Douglas R. Norris 
2008 Wor. Philip R. Arenz 
2007 Wor. Harold L. Leonard* 
2006 Wor. Ronnie M. Hudson 
2005 Wor. Joseph H. Hagerman, Jr. 
2004 Wor. Anthony J. Oubre, Jr 
2003 Wor. Richard L. Crabtree* 
2002 Wor. James L. Taylor 
2001 Wor. Daniel H. Kappers* 
2000 Wor. Richard H. Hall 
1999 Wor. Ralph P. Ritter* 
1998 Wor. Philip E. Maybery 
1997 Wor. Dennis E. Edwards 
1996 Wor. Sinclair Tuttle* 
1995 Wor. James R. Flowers 
1994 Wor. H. David Ainley 
1993 Wor. Edward L. Meise, Jr. 
1992 Wor. Carl R. Thompson* 
1991 Wor. Frank E. Banks* 
1990 Wor. Robert Stanek* 
1989 Wor. Eddie R. Linger* 
1988 Wor. H. Stanley Hogge* 
1987 Wor. Ralph R. Benson* 
1986 Wor. Jesse A. Hughes 
1985 Wor. Kenneth A. Gregory* 
1984 Wor. Aubrey E. Bradshaw III 
1983 Wor. George W. Ganter 
1982 Wor. Ernest H. Knox* 
1981 Wor. Jules E. Lingoni* 
1980 Wor. Leslie Walker* 
1979 Wor. Ricahrd E. Allen 
1978 Wor. Henry E. Trafford 
1977 Wor. H. Bruce Turner* 
1976 Wor. Winston G. Snider* 
1975 Wor. James Caton 
1974 Wor. George L. Marion* 
1973 Wor. Robert E. Doody* 
1972 Wor. James H. Hamilton* 
1971 Wor. Jean P. Bailey* 
1970 Wor. Herbert D. Smith* 
1969 Wor. Hubert C. Bailey* 
1968 Wor. Wirt B. French* 
1967 Wor. John W. Fox* 
1966 Wor. Ernest A. Byrd, Jr.* 
1965 Wor. Frank A. Clayton* 
1964 Wor. George G. Kunkler* 
1963 Wor. William A. Bradt* 
1962 Wor. Ira McCloud* 
* Deceased

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