Lynnhaven Lodge No. 220 AF & AM  - 2959 N Lynnhaven Road, Virginia Beach, VA. 23452-6916

LYNNHAVEN LODGE NO. 220 MOURNS the Passing of Bro. Robert Charles Elms to that Celestial Lodge Above on December 21, 2020…               YARD SALE A HUGE SUCCESS – Thanks to everyone who helped with and participated in our yard sale and fellowship breakfast on Saturday, October 23rd – it was an overwhelming success because of YOU!...               THE NOVEMBER 2021 EDITION of The Burning Taper is posted under ‘Newsletter’...               NOVEMBER’S STATED IS SENIOR WARDEN NIGHT and also Veterans Day – Veterans are encouraged to wear their military decorations to Lodge and be recognized that evening…               THE NOVEMBER 2021 LODGE CALENDAR is posted under ‘Lodge Activities’…               LYNNHAVEN LODGE NO. 220 & LYNNHAVEN CHAPTER #184 OES FOOD DRIVE is underway! Bring your non-perishable food item or cash donations to the Lodge through November…                

2020 Wor. Marlo B. Pilar 
2019 Wor. Brian M. Adams 
2018 Wor. John A. Brown 
2017 Wor. Robert A. Rathbun 
2016 Wor. William B. Ramsey* 
2015 Wor. Brent R. Lane 
2014 Wor. Tony R. Paramore 
2013 Wor. David R. Conner 
2012 Wor. Gerald A. Anderson 
2011 Wor. Rodolfo Q. Dela Rosa 
2010 Wor. Jimmy W. Wagner 
2009 Wor. Douglas R. Norris 
2008 Wor. Philip R. Arenz 
2007 Wor. Harold L. Leonard 
2006 Wor. Ronnie Hudson 
2005 Wor. Joseph Hagerman, Jr. 
2004 Wor. Anthony J. Oubre, Jr 
2002 Wor. James L. Taylor 
2001 Wor. Daniel H. Kappers 
2000 Wor. Richard H. Hall 
1998 Wor. Philip E. Maybery 
1997 Wor. Dennis E. Edwards 
1993 Wor. Edward L. Meise, Jr. 
1986 Wor. Jesse A. Hughes 
1985 Wor. Kenneth A. Gregory 
1984 Wor. Aubrey E. Bradshaw, III 
1983 Wor. George W. Ganter 
1979 Wor. Ricahrd E. Allen 
1975 Wor. James Caton 
1974 Wor. George L. Marion 
1972 Wor. James H. Hamilton 
* Deceased

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