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WE HAVE COOL AIR!!! A WM’s shout out to Wor. Dale for his exceptional work getting our 2nd floor A/C unit back up and running like a champ at a reasonable cost...               FELLOWCRAFT DEGREE this coming Thursday, June 30th at 7:00 pm!...               ATTIRE FOR JULY’S STATED COMMUNICATION is Patriotic Attire (RED, WHITE, & BLUE) open-collared shirt and dress slacks…               THE JULY 2022 EDITION of The Burning Taper is posted under ‘Newsletter’...               PINE TREE LODGE OF MASONIC INSTRUCTION meets every Wednesday from 9:00 am-11:00 am at the Lodge…               THE JULY 2022 LODGE CALENDAR is posted under “Lodge Activities”…               NEIGHBORHOOD 4TH OF JULY PARADE – Brethren, family, and friends are invited to join us at the Lodge at 10:30 am, Monday, July 4th to be part of the Kings Grant 4th of July Parade!  See the Kings Grant Community League website for more information…               CONGRATULATIONS to our Newest Fellowcrafts – Bro. Dave Hopkins and Bro. Nick Gauker!...


“...the sands run, and how rapidly our lives are drawing to a close!” I cannot believe that it’s June already! In the Master Mason’s lecture, we learn of The Hour Glass. The antiquity of its use as an instrument to measure time is unquestionable and it serves as a fitting emblem of the flight of time and not only the wasting away of our lives, but what we chose to do with the time we are given by the Great Architect of the Universe. The Brothers of Lynnhaven Lodge were certainly not sitting idly by abiding the passage of time during May, nor will they in June either.

We made a Fraternal Visit to Kempsville Lodge No. 196 on May 10th and walked away with the 56th District Traveling Gavel. We mourned the passing of Bro. James Kenneth “Jim” Fletcher, who passed to that Celestial Lodge above on May 10th. Our May 12th Stated Communication was Lodge Shirt Night. During the dinner hour, we were visited by Kempsville Chapter, Virginia DeMolay, who masterfully performed the “Father’s Talk” and shared what being a part of DeMolay means to them. Our guest speaker was Wor. Jon Ruark, Past Master of The Patriot Lodge No. 1957 and co-host of The Masonic Rountable webcast. Bro. John Redshaw successfully stood his examination in the Master Mason’s catechism, and we elected and installed new officers to serve the Lodge for the remainder of 2022—Junior Warden Bro. Zach Schaard, Senior Deacon Bro. Carl Pennington, and Junior Deacon Bro. Jim Clark. Both our Fellowship Breakfast and Community Yard Sale on May 21st were a huge success; a special tip of the Master’s hat to “Lord of the Yard Sale,” Wor. Dale Graham. We closed out May visiting Norview Lodge No. 113 in Norfolk on May 27th and attending 56th District Subordinate Lodge Officers Training (SLOT) for Senior Wardens and Junior Wardens Saturday, May 28th, at Kempsville Lodge No. 196.

We’re expecting to examine several worthy Candidates in the Entered Apprentice catechism and subsequently Pass them to the Degree of Fellowcraft during the month of June! We’ll also be looking to place another order for Lodge shirts very soon. Signup on the sheet hanging on the bulletin board in the dining hall or see the Lodge website ( for more information. A Fraternal Visit to Willis V. Fentress Lodge No. 296 is on the calendar for Tuesday, June 7th—dinner at 6:00 pm meeting at 7:00 pm.

Our June 9th Stated Communication attire will again be open collar shirt & dress slacks for EVERYONE! We will be visited by Norfolk Assembly #15, Virginia Grand Assembly, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, and our guest speaker will be Rt. Wor. Joel Bundy, who will give a presentation on “The Holy Sts. John.” Sign up for the 56th Masonic District’s Blood Drive from 2:00 pm-7:00 pm, June 20th, at Bayside Lodge No. 218. On June 18th we’ll have a Fellowship Breakfast from 8:00 am-10:00 am, followed by our bi-monthly litter pick-up at Groveland Park from 11:00 am-12:00 pm. We close out June hosting the 56th District SLOT for Senior and Junior Deacons for 2022 from 10:00 am-11:00 am, June 25th.

Please be sure to join us in all the action!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Wes Latchford
Worshipful Master 2022

“Be Who We Say We Are, Act as We Say We Act, Live Like We Say We Live!”

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